- Andes Mountains in Bolivia
Flamingos in the Bolivian Salt Flats
July 08, 2018
Andes Mountains in Bolivia
Lakes, Salt Flats and Mountains in the Bolivian Andes
The salt flats in Bolivia are a perfect launching point to explore the Andes Mountains. There are an uncountable number of lakes in the high mountains full of unusual landscapes.
Starting off in Uyuni, you can take a muti-day tour of the Salar de Uyuni – the Bolivian Salt Flats. You will of course see the major flat, but there are many others which the tour will take you to see. In addition to the dried-up lakes, you will see some that are still intact. And some of them support a community of flamingos and other exotic birds.

The Bolivians are a clever and resourceful people, and it is a credit to their character to how they can survive in such an extreme part of the world. During your tour, you will likely stay in hostels built entirely of salt!
Andes Mountains, Bolivia
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