- Rano Raraku Rapa Nui
Rano Raraku
June 11, 2018
Rano Raraku Rapa Nui
Isla de Pascua, Chile
Rano Raraku
Rano Raraku is the main query site where the Rapa Nui people created the vast number of Moai statues.
Rano Raraku is where all the Moai come from. There are even still a few carved into the volcano that were never completely chipped away. You can also see the roadways that radiate away from the volcano, which is what the Rapa Nui people used to transport the statues to the various places on the island. So, you can take that as proof that aliens didn’t make these things.

There are hundreds of Moai that remain here that never made it to their final resting places. Some are intact, some are buried, and some are broken in transit. The pathways allow you to get close to some beautiful Moai. But, don’t touch them! You’ll get kicked off the island and heavily fined.
Rano Raraku, Isla de Pascua, Chile
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