- Ahu Akahanga Rapa Nui
Ahu Akahanga
June 11, 2018
Ahu Akahanga Rapa Nui
Isla de Pascua, Chile
Ahu Akahanga
Ahu Akahanga is the resting place for the island’s original settlers. The site contains toppled Moai and remnants of dwellings.
If you take a tour on Easter Island, this will probably be your first stop. It’s only a few miles outside of Hanga Roa. The only thing left at the site are a few toppled Moai and some caves which were used as dwellings for the early settlers. The site is also placed along a road built for transporting the Moai. You can trace the road all the way back to Rano Raraku.
Ahu Akahanga, Isla de Pascua, Chile
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