- Masaxlokk Open Market
Luzzu is a type of Maltese fishing boat
August 20, 2017
Masaxlokk Open Market
Every weekend you can catch the local merchants and fisherman in the Masaxlokk open market. And it's a perfect place to see lots of Luzzus. Luzzus are the iconic Maltese fishing boat, which now double as a water taxi.
We took a taxi from Valletta to Masaxlokk. It took about 30 minutes and included a nice tour of the South Eastern side of the Island. The market was full of fresh fish, which was being served at all of the restaurants nearby. There are also some water taxis that will take you to some more exotic parts of the Island. We took one to St Peter's Pool, which is a popular swimming destination, that includes cliff jumping and snorkeling opportunities. This seemed like an extremely popular place as it was very crowded. There's also no sand! So, no beaches – only solid rock to sun bathe on. So, bring a towel to lay on.
Masaxlokk, Malta
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