- Lion's Head
Lion's Head as seen from Table Mountain
December 22, 2018
Lion's Head
South Africa
Lion's Head as seen from Table Mountain
Lion's Head is the great protector over the Mother City Cape Town. It is also a great day hike easily accessible from multiple trail heads with expansive 360-degree views of Cape Town and Table Mountain.
I spent my time in Cape Town in the Seapoint neighborhood, which is just at the base of Signal Hill. There is a trail head nearby that gradually climbs up to a saddle-point between Signal Hill and Lion’s Head before the serious climbing starts. Though the hike is just 3-miles to the top, the last 0.5 mile requires all four limbs in ascending to the peak and is quite strenuous. I enjoyed the hike so much that I did it 10-times during my stay! There is also a main parking lot which you can start from that will get you to the top in about 1 mile. Though, it is quite popular and busy.

While Signal Hill may be the best place for a sunset, Lion’s Head owns the best sunrise. It takes some will power to get up at 3:30AM to make the hike, but catching the sun come up behind Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain is incredibly beautiful.
Lion's Head, South Africa
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