- Cape of Good Hope
Cape Point Light House
November 17, 2018
Cape of Good Hope
South Africa
Cape Point Light House
The Cape of Good Hope is a significant sailing milestone. It marks the most south-westerly point of the African continent and welcomes sailing ships to calmer waters as they make their way East.
The Cape was discovered by the Portuguese in the 14th century and was settled as a stopping point for ships traveling to Asia. In addition to being an important nautical milestone, the Cape peninsula is unique environmentally. It is where the warm water coming from the coast of Mozambique to the East merges with the cold water from the Atlantic and Southern seas and creates a habitat for algae and micro-nutrients to flourish. Which in turn power the food chain from small fish up to the Great White Shark which makes its home nearby.

The national park towards the very south end of the peninsula requires payment to enter. It will give you access to the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Peninsula Light House. You will likely encounter Baboons which are quite aggressive and have become so used to humans that they’ve learned to drink from water bottles.
Cape Peninsula, South Africa
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