- Berlin Tiergarten
Lose yourself in a long walk in the Tiergarten
November 14, 2014
Berlin Tiergarten
A long pathway
The Tiergarten is a huge, beautiful and peaceful park in Berlin. It has miles of trails and sidewalks that take you through countless gardens, ponds, fountains and sculptures.
I stayed in Berlin for a week and went for runs in the Tiergarten every day. It's just beyond the Brandenburg Gate and close to everything else you'll see in Berlin. At the center is a round-about with a giant victory stele which you can climb up to. The views from the top are not to miss. I happened to be there in fall and was lucky to see all the changing colors in the garden.

Berlin is a fascinating city. The history and all of the things that have happened there are incredible. It's interesting to reflect on what it would be like standing there in the Tiergarten and seeing a huge Nazi rally come down the street.
Berlin, Germany
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