- Skyline Divide
Skyline Divide has an abundance of alpine meadows, flowers and places to camp
August 04, 2014
Skyline Divide
Meadow on Skyline Divide
Skyline Divide is an awesome hike in the Mt Baker National Forest. A 4-mile hike will spit you out on a beautiful alpine meadow with incredible views of Mt Baker. It's a perfect place for a picnic where you can surround yourself by the wild flowers and breathe the fresh mountain air.
Skyline Divide and Heliotrope are two hikes right next to each other, and you should do both. In fact, you can do both in the same day. You can even camp at the Glacier Creek campground just at the beginning of the forest service road. It's a perfect place to camp and get an early start. It's a long 12-mile drive from the campground to the trailhead, which is full of pot holes and lots of switchbacks. It's a pretty popular hike and not a lot of places to park, so an early start is a good idea. Once you hit the trail it's all in the trees and steep. It finally shoots you out into an incredible meadow that just seems like it shouldn't be there. From there you can admire the ridgeline the meadow connects to and see how it continues to meet Mt Baker. You can scramble and explore the ridgeline all the way to the glacier. There are some campsites as well, which makes for a perfect place to take in the night sky.
Skyline Divide - Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington
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