- Mt Baker Snowshoeing and Camping
Artist Point is easy to get to in the summer, but in the winter requires a bit more work
March 31, 2018
Mt Baker Snowshoeing and Camping
Artist Point & Huntoon Point
The Mt Baker back country is ripe with snow shoeing and ski touring opportunities. Artist Point is just a quick 2-mile hike from Heather Meadows and is an easy hike on a blue bird day.
I drove up to the Mt Baker Ski Area with a car full of adventure gear. When I parked my car, I had decided it would be a snow shoe day, so I strapped them on and started charging up the hill to Artist Point. Artist Point is technically in the back country during the winter, but there is a road that goes there that you can pretty much hike up with your snow shoes. It's about two miles to where the parking lot would be, and as the name implies, there are some beautiful views of both Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan. You can also see down Swift Creek to where it drains into Baker Lake. One of these days I plan on making that hike (and maybe even on skis!).

Huntoon Point is the next logical destination once you're up on the ridge. It's about a half mile away from Artist Point and is easy to get to. Though, it seems to be on the road less travelled as there were fewer people exploring out there; I had some untouched powder to march through.

After a couple hours of snowshoeing, I met up with some friends on the mountain and we pitched our tents near Bagley Lakes are. The idea was to get up early and get a sweet ski tour in the morning. Except we were all so cold we decided to hike out as soon as possible and go get breakfast at Grahams in Glacier.
Artist Point, Washington
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