- Historic Downtown San Jose
San Jose has a beautiful center, full of history and scenery
April 28, 2018
Historic Downtown San Jose
Costa Rica
Templo de la Musica
This large metallic dome sits atop columns in Parque Morazán and has sheltered concerts, dance parties and political rallies. It seems to sit in the center of historic San Jose – where the city sprung to life.
I stayed at the Holiday Inn Aurola in San Jose, which sits right at the fringe of a series of beautiful parks. This dome was front-and-center as you walk out the hotel door and invites you to explore the rest of the city. Adjacent to the parks are the National Theater of Costa Rica, Museos Nacional de Costa Rica, and the Plaza de La Cultura. There are vendors, performers, events and demonstrations that seem to happen constantly in this part of town. It was safe, adventurous and entertaining. It is a welcome oasis of culture and peace in the bustling city of San Jose.
Parque Morazan, Costa Rica
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