- Big Rock
It is an easy hike, and has great views of Big Lake, WA
September 03, 2015
Big Rock
View of Big Lake in Skagit Valley
Big Rock is basically a really big boulder in Skagit Valley, Washington. It's on Highway 9 going through East Mount Vernon, and is very close to Big Lake. If you climb to the top, you'll get a great view of the lake.
There are two ways to get to the top. The first entrance is on Highway 9 about a quarter mile past the round-about. The trailhead is unmarked, muddy (when raining) and hard to spot. There is a small parking lot across the street, though, that can fit about three cars. The trail climbs quick and puts you out on an old dirt road which then takes you to the actual rock. Getting to the top requires a bit of a scramble, but it's safe and easy.

The second entrance is on Mount Vernon Big Lake Road. There is a gate and a sign that says private property, but I've been up there dozens of times and never had any issue. There's also a sign up towards the end of the hike saying the trail is closed. I've ignored it without any issue so far.

You can connect this hike to the Kulshan Trail which officially end about 2.5 miles away in Mount Vernon. But, there is a sidewalk you can run/walk on to get to the trail head. It makes for a cool long run from the Riverwalk Park in downtown Mount Vernon to Big Rock, and then back. About 10 miles round trip. The Big Rock Bar & Grill is a cool store at the bottom of the hike on the round-about. They have a bar, store, gas and good food. It has gone through several owners over the past years, so it seems to be constantly changing.
Big Rock, Skagit Valley, Washington
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