- Ahu Akivi Rapa Nui
Ahu Akivi
June 13, 2018
Ahu Akivi Rapa Nui
Isla de Pascua, Chile
Ahu Akivi
Ahu Akivi is a set of Moai that is uniquely set inland and gazing out towards the Pacific Ocean.
All the Moai on Easter island are located on the edge of the island, except for Ahu Akivi. These Moai represent the original seven inhabitants of the island which made the long paddle from the far away Polynesian islands. These Moai gaze towards the ocean to watch over the people that would make their way to Easter Island. These are the only Moai that face the outwards, as all the others face inwards and protect the inhabitants from the ocean.
Ahu Akivi, Isla de Pascua, Chile
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